Adding a Flower Bed to Your Home

There’s something about fresh cut flowers that always look great outside a home, and having a whole bed of them can really improve your home’s appeal. However, how do you get the right mix of flowers and colors and space? Especially when you have to do it all on a budget and still make your home look good?

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Well, thankfully there’s a way to get it done yourself without typing in “landscaping services near me in Jacksonville or Missouri” or wherever you happen to live. It just takes some planning first.

Go to the drawing board

Draw your home and the features of the yard on graph paper, and while it doesn’t have to be artist worthy, it does have to clearly display the measurements of the yard’s features to help you measure out the area that will contain your flower bed.

Once you know the size of the spot, then be sure to test the soil quality and plant flowers that thrive in those conditions or change the PH level using fertilizer. Next, mark the area that will make up your bed with a line of string to mark the perimeter.

Till the soil, then add compost and then arrange your plants in order of size and color. Once the seeds are planted, then add a layer of mulch and decorate the edges of the flower bed with stones, landscape edging, or wood.

Then just water, maintain, and decorate the flower bed to your heart’s content.

Decoration ideas

Depending on the pattern and color of the flowers, you might need no decorations at all, but adding statues, garden gnomes, or wind chimes can help spruce things up and draw attention to your flower bed. Go wild and take the time to make it beautiful!