Landscaping is no longer what it used to be in the past. In the past, landscape gardening tended to be the preserve of the privileged few. These were the high net folks who could afford the luxury of the work. And they could always claim bragging rights in regard to enjoying and showing off the prestige. Because it is quite visual, you know. Today, that has all changed. It is never going to be the same and it won’t be long before more of your neighbors will be clapping their hands joyfully whilst exclaiming so that more can hear that there’s always going to beRead More →

There’s something about fresh cut flowers that always look great outside a home, and having a whole bed of them can really improve your home’s appeal. However, how do you get the right mix of flowers and colors and space? Especially when you have to do it all on a budget and still make your home look good? Well, thankfully there’s a way to get it done yourself without typing in “landscaping services near me in Jacksonville or Missouri” or wherever you happen to live. It just takes some planning first. Go to the drawing board Draw your home and the features of the yardRead More →